How to Dress Down a Dress

How to Dress Down a Dress

Dress: Ted Baker // Jacket: Zara (similar jackets here and here) // Shoes: Adidas // Bag: Ted Baker

Somehow over the past year my party dress collection has exploded in my closet. I went from a handful of staple dresses, to more dresses than I could wear in one month. This is great for when I have events or work, but not so practical for everyday wear.

Luckily, athleisure is super trendy this year, making it easier than ever to dress down that party dress!

One of my favorite dresses lately has been the Quett by Ted Baker (my favorite designer for the past year!). This gorgeous slate blue party dress with delicate shimmer brocade is adorable for spring or summer weddings in Chicago, but I wanted to get even more use out of it.

Ted doesn’t make the cheapest of clothing, so I’m always sad when pieces see more closet time than wear time.

To dress it down I opted for all white sneakers paired with a pink faux leather moto jacket. The edginess of the jacket and the casualness of the sneakers worked like a charm to turn this party dress into everyday appropriate!


Throw on casual shoes. 

Sneakers are no longer banished to the gym and they can be paired with anything from jeans to dresses. I’ve always loved the look of pairing casual and elevated pieces, like a dress with sneakers or that t-shirt and jeans combo with heels.

When in doubt wear white sneakers as you can’t go wrong! Just remember the key to looking elegant while in white sneakers is to make sure your sneakers are actually white! No one is going to pull off dirty, rundown shoes with their party dress. Save those for the gym.

Not a fan of the sneakers look? Try flats or boots instead!

Play with layers.

Grab your favorite short jacket to pair with your dress. I personally think that bomber and moto-type jackets work best, but play around with different shapes and lengths to see what works for the dress you’re trying to wear! Denim is another great option, but I’m just not really much of a denim girl. 😊

Alternatively in cooler months, try adding a baggy sweater for a chic look.

Add other casual accessories.

Try bold chunky necklaces, belting your dress, or a fun scarf. Much like a jacket, these things help to break up your dress so that it’s not noticeably as dressy. Mix and match with fun colors or patterns.

Avoid clutches and nighttime bags as these will only draw attention to the fact that you’re wearing a party dress. I like bags that are more muted and neutral to dress things down.

Don’t be afraid to play with shapes as well! Mini backpacks, while being super cute, will keep your outfit more playful and day friendly.

Keep a fresh face.

Stick to a more neutral fresh-faced look. If you go too crazy with make up (especially your eye and lip colors), you’ll instantly look like you’re ready for a night out.

The same goes for how you style your hair. Go for a sleek pony tail or straight hair rather than a fancy updo to keep things looking casual.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to have fun and experiment with different things! Certain methods may work well with one dress but not necessarily others. Play around until you find something that works that speaks to your own personal style!

How to Dress Down a DressHow to Dress Down a DressHow to Dress Down a DressHow to Dress Down a DressHow to Dress Down a Dress