What to Wear in Bangkok (And During Songkran!)

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What to Pack for a Trip to Bangkok (And Songkran)


This latest trip was my fifth time in the magical Kingdom of Thailand.

I’m often asked what to wear in Bangkok since this city can be a little tricky! It gets unbearably hot in spring and summer, but you’ll still need to be fairly conservative and cover up to be respectful to Thai culture.

Since it’s a big metropolitan area there’s so many different things to do. You can’t get away with living in your swimsuit (though you’ll def still need one!) and you’ll need appropriate clothing for exploring the city, temple hopping and all of the exciting nights out!

Walking around, street fashion here is generally chic and stylish. Girls are made up and often in heels or wedges. All of my previous visits had me looking like a backpacker in tank tops and flip flops– not cute. Plus it immediately pegs you as a tourist.

Want to fit in, keep cool and stay stylish? Here’s a look at my favorite outfits to pack for a week in Bangkok.

What to Wear in Bangkok (And During Songkran!)

 My Trip Details

  • Location: Bangkok
  • Travel Dates: April (during Songkran)
  • Season: Hot
  • Weather:  Thailand has three official seasons: hot, cool and wet. April is the hottest month of the year with temperatures surpassing 100ºF during the day. It’s hot, it’s humid and you will get sweaty! Luckily Thai New Year also occurs in April. With water being thrown everywhere, it’s a welcomed way to cool down.

Use my ideas for what to wear in Bangkok below, but be sure to revise as needed based on the weather and season for your trip!

What to Wear in Bangkok (And During Songkran!)What to Wear in Bangkok (And During Songkran!)

 What to Wear in Bangkok


1. Day Bag // You’ll want a bag made of high quality materials that can easily fit everything you need inside. I prefer crossbody style when traveling so that I don’t have to pay as much attention and worry about it getting swiped off me.

2. Sunglasses // It’s almost always sunny in Thailand so make sure to protect your eyes!

3. Toiletries Bag // With it being so hot, you’re going to need to waterproof and sweatproof all your make up! Also make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen to keep from getting burned (and aloe just in case you miss a spot).

4. Sandals // You’ll spend lots of time walking, so bring a comfortable pair of sandals to keep your feet happy and breezy.

5. Flip Flops // A pair of flip flops is a must to toss in your bag for all of that pool time!

6. Sneakers // Some longer sightseeing days may require something more comfortable than sandals. A few tourist destinations, like the Grand Palace, also require close-toed shoes for entry!

What to Wear in Bangkok (And During Songkran!)


7. Light Jacket // Bangkok may be hot outside, but that just means that they blast the AC inside! Bring a light jacket to keep from freezing. It’s also perfect for long flights as planes are generally cold as well!

8. T-shirt // They look super cute with most bottoms and are perfect for layering. Stick to something simple and classic.

9. Blouse // Look to thin (but not see-through) materials for your blouses. I loved my off-the-shoulder blouse that kept me cool wandering around, but could easily be brought up to cover my shoulders when entering temples!

10. Racerback // If you’re traveling during Songkran, I highly recommend a thin racerback or yoga top to wear! You’ll get soaked with dirty water so you won’t want to wear anything too nice and you’ll need something that will dry quickly so that you can pack it back in your suitcase!

 What to Wear in Bangkok (And During Songkran!)


11. Midi Skirt // Having a midi skirt or two makes it easy to throw together a chic outfit when paired with blouses or even a tied t-shirt.

12. High-Low Skirt // Perfect for a nice dinner out or just traipsing around the city, high-low skirts are super in right now! I loved that it was able to keep me cool while still being on the more conservative side for temples.

13. Leggings // Leggings are perfect for mornings at the gym, wearing on the plane and layering under long tops. I also found them coming in handy to wear during Songkran since the material dries quickly!

 What to Wear in Bangkok (And During Songkran!)


14. Maxi Dress // You can’t go wrong with multiple, lightweight maxi dresses. They’re great for covering up while still showing some style. Plus they’re easy to pair with scarfs or kimonos if you need more shoulder coverage!

15. Cocktail Dress // Pair it with sneakers to dress it down during the day and then throw on strappy sandals or heels for a night out.


16. Scarf // I pack a scarf on most trips but you’ll definitely want one in Bangkok. They’re great to keep in your bag for when you need to unexpectedly cover your shoulders or to wear as a cover-up by the pool. Sarongs are super popular and cheap in Thailand, so make sure to buy a few!

17. One-Piece // While I normally travel with just a bikini because they are easier to dry, a one-piece comes in handy if you’re here for Songkran. Throw on a cute pair of shorts or leggings and you’re good to go join in the water fight!

18. Bikini // Bangkok has some of the most beautiful hotel pools, many of which are up on the rooftops, so don’t forget to pack your swimsuit. Bikinis are generally accepted here so no need to worry about being conservative or not.


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What to Wear in Bangkok (And During Songkran!) What to Wear in Bangkok (And During Songkran!)